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In the month of january a collective of doctors and physicians from Europe sent a donation to the Clinical consult of Chagas Initiative  of the North East University in Corrientes. It was a crowd funding that allowed to deliver equipment for cardiological studies, and included:

- 2 pulsioxymeters
- 3 authomatic blood pressure meters
- 4  Holter ECG register devices
- ECG electrodes
- a visual stethoscope with ECG register an pulsioxymeter all-in-one.

The total amount of the funding reached 3000 €.

The equipment was donated in a Ceremony in which the Dean of he university, dr Gerardo Larroza was present.


During the month of may Dr Daniel Hernandez and his group of researchers have been working once more in the field, visiting rural communities in the area of "El Impenetrable", Chaco Province in northern Argentina. This time they could perform a more efficient work by studying patiens with Holter - 24h registry electrocardiograms in order to detect dangerous arrythmias in the patients that continue with follow up of the disease, putting in use the equipment donated in January.  The field work not only consisted of patient visits in clinical consult but also of getting samples of insects infecting the premises in which the patients inhabit.

A total number of 95 patients were studied, of which 42 had positive tests for the disease and 2 of them showed ventricular tachycardia in the 24 hour ECG registers.

A sample of 70 specimens of Triatoma Infestans ( also called "vinchuca") were collected for diagnosis of infection and genetic studies of the vector.

 A Triatoma Infestans  (Vinchuca )with its eggs. Nest in a hole through the wall of a house, in a rural area of Chaco province, northern Argentina. ( Photographer Francisco Horak,with permission)

 Some of the patients that have been studied this time in Avia Terai, Chaco, Argentina.

The Chagas initiative Argentina wants to Thank to the wonderful group of donors that made possible to get this equipment to the University.

- Dr Isidro Eduardo Blanco
- Dr Oscar Alejandro Petrini
- Dr Lucas Izarduy
- Dr Conrado Marco Cusnaider
- Dr Sergej Scheel
- Dr Angel V. Espinosa

All possible donations will be accepted.
Coordinator in Europe: Dr. Angel V. Espinosa 
E-mail for contact: 

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