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Dr Daniel Hernandez is a recognized and prized specialist in Cardiology who dedicates his daily work to teaching as Head of Department in Internal Medicine, and to research in Chagas Disease. 

In 2010 he was awarded with the Bunge & Born foundation Prize in research for his work with Chagas patients in the Northern rural area of Corrientes, in Argentina. 

Since 2011 Dr Daniel Hernandez is working in a specialized consult for patients with Chagas disease.

The medical consult is absolutetly free of charge.  He works with the help of a group of colleagues and students, Medicine students that as volunteers help him with the research project in the UNNE Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (North East National University).

The medical consult is also itinerant:  The Chagas Initiative moves to different small villages in the most forgotten and remote rural areas of Argentina.

The resources of the public University are scarce. The research is done in connection with other national and international organizations.  

The tasks include :

work in the field with patients, promoting treatment and prevention of the disease.

Collection of insect specimens of Vinchucas / Kissing bugs and classification of species

Blood sample taking for study and tipification och Tripanosoma Cruzi ( the parasite) and posterior genomic sequenciation of the DNA ( this is done in Buenos Aires ).

Pictures and more Links:

A Kissing Bugs nest in the base of a house med of wood. The insect hides between the lower parts of the house and waits for the time to bite during the night. 


Kissing bugs being captured, trying to hide in the holes of a brick.

Kissing bugs eggs

Specimens captured for microscopic examination and classification

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Dr Angel Espinosa

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