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Chagas disease is a condition produced by a unicellular parasite, the TRYPANOSOMA CRUZI, which thanks to a complex simulation mechanism can fool the immune system and by this mean introduces itself in the heart cells. 

                                                  microscopic picture of the parasite

By this mean the parasite literally ”eats” a part of the heart muscle, specially the apical part of it, causing a dilatation of the organ that eventually can suffer a rupture and cause an instant death. Among other problems, the parasit can cause also heart blocks, and it makes necessary the implantation of a pacemaker.  It has an enormous cost for the health system in the affected countries.

It can be said in a certain way that Chagas disease is a ”disease of poverty”. The transmitting vector of the parasite  is an insect commonly called ”kissing bug” or in spanish "vinchuca". It habitates  houses with tatched roofs  of people that live in rural environments. The insect usually comes out during the night in the darkness as long as the people sleeps and after it bite  the insect defecates. The parasit is in the insects dejections. The parasite get across the skin thanks to the scratching of the patient.

the kissing bug, a dangerous and silent assasin

A group of recearchers of the NORTHEAST NATIONAL UNIVERSITY in Argentina works hardly to get a better understanding of the mechanisms for the infection and to find a better treatment.

At the same time, This group of doctors, students and nurses makes a constructive and valious social work by helping people who doesn't have resources by advicing on preventive measures, better and earlier diagnosis as well as treatment of the disease.

At present we're creating a networking international group that has initially been called " The Chagas initiative ".

Help us in our struggle for a better world. You can be an important part of this.

The director of the initiative, Dr. Daniel Hernandez, is a professor in Cardiology and Internal medicine at the UNNE (Northeast National Universitiy), one of the most recognized and prestigious universities in Argentina. 


You are welcome to contact us, and you shall be informed. 

Preliminary contacts can be made via mail to: 

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